The Basics of On-Page SEO

As a business, you have to look for ways of ensuring that your page ranks best on the Google for you to attract more people to it. As such, SEO comes in handy to help your page achieve much better ranking on search engines. You have to move away from the traditional link building techniques and get an SEO expert that is capable of taking your page to the top results that will be displayed when a favorable keyword combination is searched. I have had years of experience in search engine optimization, therefore, I am vast with all the intricacies that are involved in coming up with content that will help you rank highly.


SEO experts follow a number of techniques and within a very short period of time, they will get your page ranked top by the search engines. The process involves a chain of simple steps such as:-

Proper Selection of keywords

One thing I will do is to ensure that I come up with all the possible terms that can refer to your page. A simple search of the keywords is done to establish how heavily they have been used on the internet. If the keywords are already in use by so many pages then it is going to take a lot of effort and dedication to get your website on the top. A simple twist of the keywords can help to rank your website better.

Optimization of the Title Tags

Title tags appear at the top of our browser in the blue area. Although they may be seen unimportant, they form an integral part of getting better search engine rankings. While coming up with the title tags, I will ensure that they include at least one or two of the keywords in the title tags. This helps in such a way that your website is most likely going to show up when people use those words as their search terms.

Optimization of Your Filenames

One of the ways that search engines will use rank your page is closely looking at the images and the file names that you are using. As an expert, I will help in building consistent content with marching images names that help to rank your page better. The secret is ensuring that the pages names and corresponding file names are kept as short as possible. Avoid using very long files names that will go against your page ranking. Make use of the hyphen to separate names that seem to belong instead of clustering all of the words together.

Add Meta Tags

Although Meta tags alone will not help your site to get a better ranking, it is worth nothing that they are an important area that boosts your page ranking. A Meta description is that text that appears below your link when people receive the results of their search. The only trick about Meta tags is that they should be written to address people and not the search engine. It is the first time to visit your site. A Meta tag usually should not more than 150 characters so struggle to generate an impressive look with the 150 characters.

SEO optimization


There are a lot of search engines optimization tips that you can be able to capitalize on to achieve better ranking for your page.
The bottom line that you should try out something that best fits you and falls within your budget. As an SEO expert, I have the capability of taking your unknown web page to the top most ranked page hence providing you with return on investment. I will follow the above steps to ensure that your site ranks well on search engines.

In today’s cut throat competitive world businesses do not have the luxury of relying on the traditional methods of advertising. The advent of the internet has made it possible for the businesses to rich a lot more people hence the need to diversify into this powerful media of communication. I have had tremendous experience over the years in dealing with search engine optimization, therefore, I can assure you that I will do a good job in making sure that your business is way ahead of your competitors in terms of having an online presence that is out of the world.


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